Rare Feathers Farm  

Patience, Perseverance, Perfection


Rare Feathers Farm® focuses on preservation and development of rare poultry breeds.

Rare Feathers Farm® is located just outside of Okanogan, Washington on Loup Loup Pass. Our stock originated from the top breeders in the country--none of the lines bred here are hatchery stock.

We focus on quality and strive for perfection toward the standard in each of the breeds we raise. We show our birds. As exhibition-bred poultry, they may not lay as often as other breeds and they may take a little more time to reach maturity.

  Rare Feathers Farm® is not a hatchery and we do not breed chickens year-round nor can we produce eggs or chicks at a whim. Please keep this in mind when ordering rare eggs from us.

Please e-mail me at rarefeathersfarm@aol.com for more information.


Dun Laced Wyandotte Bantams (NFS)

Khaki Wyandotte Bantams (NFS)

Large Fowl:

 Black Sumatras  

Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds (unavailable 2021)

Spangled Russian Orloffs 


White Sebastopol Geese

Saddleback Sebastopol Geese

Rare Feathers Farm®

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 Washington Feather Fanciers


You can e-mail me at rarefeathersfarm@aol.com  

Visitor Policy
 We do not allow any farm visits, period.

We are doing our best to try to promote good bio-security and a safe environment for our poultry. 

 If you'd like to see of our chickens, ducks, geese & coops, please check out the Photo Gallery page.

E-mail me: rarefeathersfarm@aol.com